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Martha Josey - World Champion Barrel Horse Rider

"One of the most important lessons I have learned in my barrel racing career is that the actual barrel race is won prior to the timer ever starting. The care, conditioning and preparation that goes into getting your horse "Rodeo or Horse Show Ready," will determine how fast your horse shuts off the clock.

I believe that a fast and effective coolant system for your horse's legs is essential in making a healthy long-life for your horse and winning the race. Pro-Kold Equine Wraps, are by far, the fastest, most effective, direct system to use when your horse needs any type of icing or swelling control.

I use these products after each race for proper leg treatment on all the horses I run. I also use their additional coolant products for preventative measures prior to running or if I notice any type of swelling in specific areas.

The care of my horse is just that, if not more, important as making a winning run. To make sure they get the Best, I use
Pro-Kold. There is no better product on the market."

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