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products are ideally suited for orthopedic application. EliteKold by Pro-Kold effectively penetrates dressing to decrease pain, edema, and secondary hypoxic tissue injury. These effects contribute to your comfort and reduced disability time.

EliteKold by Pro-Kold products, with self-contained ice, allow you to be mobile during treatment. After applying 1-2 hours, the entire wrap is refrozen, then re-applied as needed during the initial recovery period. The EliteKold by Pro-Kold wrap is then used extensively during rehab and is available for long-term use as you resume normal activities.

EliteKold by Pro-Kold Reusable Ice Wraps feature ice mat (pillows of purified water with food-grade freezing agents) which are sewn into wraps using hook engageable, outer material and ripstop inner material designed to more quickly transfer cold.

EliteKold Shoulder Products:

The EliteKold Baseball Shoulder wrap - Adult size (DK-54)

The EliteKold Baseball Shoulder wrap - Youth / Women size (DK-53)



EliteKold Wrist / Elbow Products:

Wrist / Elbow

Universal Size (DK-56)



[Pro-Kold Consumer]

Multi-purpose Two Layer wrap measures 9"x13" (DK-50)


[Pro-Kold Consumer]

Multi-purpose Two Layer wrap measures 9"x24" (DK-51)



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