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Thermography Case Studies by David Clark DVM:

Thermography uses new advanced infrared technology to detect heat and inflammation.  It is an excellent tool for those tough lameness's and soft tissue injuries.  We have been using thermography since 1988.  At times we may cool the horse or an area with a cold water bath / hose then watch for heat to radiate out from deeper structures.  

We watch for symmetry comparing side to side right leg to left leg etc.  We consider greater than 2° F difference as usually significant.  It is important to know anatomy and circulation patterns for areas.

At times, areas such as tendons may begin showing heat or inflamation up to 2 weeks prior to developing a lameness.  With thermography, changes in circulation may be noted even before lesions can be confirmed by ultrasound.

David Clark DVM can be contacted at Clark Equine Clinic in Albion Idaho or through his web site at: www.ClarkEquine.com

Here are images of a 5 year old chariot horse with a mild sprain of his right front suspensory before, during and after treatment with a Pro-Kold Ice Wrap.

These are images of a mare that ran something into the bone just above the joint in the hock. We removed a piece of infected bone that was a sequestrum and wouldn't allow the draining tract to seal.

As you can see by all the heat this was an angry inflamed wound and the ice boot worked great, didn't slip.

After treatment

Here is a horse that ran into a steel post and fractured a rib. The area that shows up square is clipped for ultrasound, and then surgery. A sliver of bone was removed that had fractured away.

Some of the images, just to look at them don't at first look that impressive, but once you look at the temperatures statistically there is a difference for over an hour.

Before we started there was a 10 degrees difference, right when we removed the ice wrap the difference was 3 degrees,
after 20 minutes 5 degrees, after 1 hour 8 degrees.

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