[Pro-Kold Kold Vest and Ice Wrap Products]





Cool Relief from Heat Distress

Light Weight

Remains Dry

Universal Size

Constant Cold


Cool Comfort Ideal for:
Mascots, Athletes,
Construction and
Hazardous Waste
Workers, Ectoderma
Dysplasia Patients


Kold Vest:

[Pro-Kold KOLD VEST]

Universal Size Fits All - shoulder & body straps adjust to size
10 Ice Mats Included
Safe - Will not cause frostbite or skin burn - temperature of ice
Longlasting - Usable up to 2 hours without refreezing
Non-Toxic - Purified water with food-grade freezing agent
Portable - Stays frozen up to 24 hours in insulated container
Single Step Process - No bags to fill or tape / bandage hassle
No Water Mess - Hand Washable
Economical - Durable - Reusable
Product code: DK-19

[Pro-Kold KOLD VEST]

Kold Kollar:

Includes 2 Ice Mats
Provides Immediate Relief from effects of heat without water mess
Used by: Joggers, Factory Workers, Spectators,
Yard workers and Mascots
Product code: DK-206


[Pro-Kold KOLD VEST]


Individual, Refreezable, Reusable ice mats for use in Kold-Vest
Extends Storage Time of Kold Vest
Non-Toxic - Purified water with food-grade freezing agent
Can be used for Food Storage or Otherwise as needed
Product code: DK-319


[Pro-Kold KOLD VEST]

Travel Bag:

Soft side nylon insulated bag, 400 denier waterproof pack cloth
3/4" foam insulation, Vinyl nylon interior, Welded seams
Durable enough to hold dry ice, Completely washable
Will keep Kold-Vest frozen up to 24 hours
Product code: DK-400


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