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Presenting Soft Stuff


Reusable compression cryo-thermal wraps featuring Soft Stuff, a revolutionary combination of ice and gel, which provides the most advanced cold or hot therapy for post-op orthopedic surgery, rehabilitation and athletic use.


What is Soft Stuff ?


Soft Stuff is a unique blend of segmented, body comforming pillows of water, and a non-toxic soft gel enclosed in polypropylene bags. When frozen, the water pillows function as actual ice to provide long term cold at a safe temperature. An absorbent powder and food grade additive is mixed with water to provide a soft component that allows superior coverage and compression for both cold and hot applications.


Removable Inserts


Soft Stuff inserts are "user friendly" for both the practitioner and the patient. The inserts may be removed from the nylon wraps for easy refreezing or heating purposes. Storage space requirements are reduced due to the inserts size and foldability. With an extra insert in the freezer, while one is being applied, continuous icing is possible for single or multiple patient use.


Post Surgical Ice Wraps designed to provide
optimal patient care !

Long term cold support at safe temperatures
Soft, comfortable compression
Antimicrobial protection
Continuous cryotherapy


Multiple Soft Stuff Inserts

Soft Stuff surgical products are packaged with extra gel inserts to provide continuous cold support. The inserts are a unique blend of segmented pillows of water and a nontoxic gel which provides comfortable "state of the art" cryotherapy.

Resealable Packaging

Soft Stuff surgical products are packaged in resealable bags to provide convenient rotation of the Ice inserts to control cross contamination.


Soft Stuff by Pro-Kold Ice Wraps


Knee Wrap: 11" by 13"- Covers the anterior, medial and lateral sides of the knee. The Soft Stuff insert is removable. Two 3 inch straps provide desired compression. Product code: SS-832 Price: $35.00

Shoulder Wrap: 12" by 13"- Features a removable Soft Stuff insert and provides superior coverage of the shoulder girdle and rotator cuff area. Product code: SS-842 Price: $36.00


Soft Stuff Back Wrap: Features a removable soft-stuff gel pack in a neoprene support belt for acute or chronic back problem. Universal size, the wrap fits a waist from 20 to 45 inches. Product code: SS-836 Price: $73.00

Soft Stuff Universal: 6" by 14"- Can be used on wrist, elbow, calf, neck
or other areas. Product code: SS-812 Price: $22.00


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